Acting headshots are a breed of their own, which is why you need a photographer who understands you and your business. We're not looking for a pretty picture, we're looking to get you booked! The purpose of a headshot is to get you into auditions that your look is right for; it is your marketing tool. My aim is to craft headshots that have integrity; look like you, represent your visual stereotypes and hint at your acting range.

"Headshots are an integral investment to your career. It’s the first impression - don’t let it be the last."Tom Fitz - Simon & How Associates.


More than anything, bring your heart, a relaxed centred body (prepare as you would do before a performance), an understanding of your casting types and we'll create images that get you in the door. I don't like to rush a shoot, time is not set in stone, we will keep going until we get the shots you need!


  • Discuss with your agent what you want from the headshots and what you are aiming for in your career. What is your Casting Type?
  • we will discuss what images you are looking for prior to the shoot so we can decide what clothing you need to bring, but as a general rule bring a variety of tops/jackets to choose from with complimentary necklines and colours.
  • Try on your tops and make sure they fit properly, then iron them if needed
  • Drink plenty of water, this will help with your skin to look fresh and hydrated. 
  • get a good night's sleep
  • Prepare your hair and make up as you would to go to an audition.


  • When you arrive, we will start by having a chat to familiarise with each other and discuss our options (If you have any previous headshots please bring them with you, it may be useful to look through them).
  • Be yourself. I will help bring out different aspects of you but if you feel that you are not portraying yourself let me know.
  • Look right down the lens and grab that casting director with your eye
  • During the shoot feel free to pause or look away from the lens when needed
  • Remember your headshot need to represent a real you
  • If you are on an outdoor shoot, wear something underneath like a vest so its easy to change. 


  • We will go through your photos together and narrow them down to your top picks.
  • They will be uploaded to an online gallery where you/your agent can go through and select the ones you would like touching up and sent to you.
  • I would advise you to pick photos that represent you best. (go for different expressions and angles - You want to show variety)
  • When you send back your chosen images, you should receive the final touched up images within 7 days.
  • Retouching would eliminate everything that isn’t normally there; blemishes, stray hair, etc. Wrinkles may be softened or exaggerated depending on what you're going for.
  • You will receive your images in colour and black and white, ready for print and in web format
  • All of the images are saved so you can come back at any point and order extra shots. 

"It is an absolute joy to work with Nadia. I was so impressed with the thought and preparation she invests in to make sure you get the right headshots. A very bespoke service, catering to and highlighting client's strongest characteristics. All made to feel effortless with her relaxed, fun and friendly approach" - Deip Rao, Actor